NAMI 泳衣配搭推薦 | 露腰高腰褲配搭

M&M 泳衣 推薦 | NAMI露腰高腰褲配搭


NAMI品牌引領 泳衣 潮流,為您 推薦 香港最佳 泳衣選擇。我們自豪地帶給您最新成員——露腰高腰褲配搭系列,專為追求個性與時尚的女性而設計。

我們深諳女性對於泳衣的要求,因此在創造自由配 款式 的同時,也注重兼顧舒適和時尚。比堅尼、女裝 泳衣、韓國 泳衣、三點式 泳衣、高叉 泳衣等多種風格在NAMI的系列中應有盡有,讓您盡情展現個人風格。

香港的泳衣選購總是令人困擾,但現在您可以輕鬆找到心儀的泳衣。NAMI提供便利的泳衣 網購 平台,讓您舒適地選購最新的自由配款式。無論您喜歡簡約或前衛風格,我們的泳衣將成為您的時尚利器。





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NAMI’s brand spirit is an extension of this Japanese drama. I created this brand with the subject of “finding my own sea”. I believe that everyone has the responsibility to find their own sea, to find what they are worth paying for, and to show the value they believe in without restraint. In this world, there are too many pre-set values, too many frames, too many labels, like a brand of clothing. What you wear is the value that people give you. It is more likely that you are only alive. People think the right life! The establishment of the NAMI brand, its loyalty is to play and not to follow the rules. NAMI’s consistent design philosophy is to show women’s confidence. With the help of summer heat, with the help of the brilliant patterns of Bikini, from the inside to the outside, to express yourself attractively. NAMI’s clothing is “Summer anyway”. There is no restriction and no plan. Summer is a big day for indulgence!

NAMI provides customers with high-quality water sports products. The product categories include swimwear, warm clothing, sunscreen clothing, swimming supplies, and beach casual wear. In addition, it has developed down jackets and outdoor wind jackets.

NAMI product series are sold in department stores in Hong Kong and can be found in Sogo Department Store, Yada Department Store, Thousand Color Store, and Aeon Department Store. For details, please find store information here


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